vol.5 White and Green - 白と緑。

ウィンブルドン」という響きを聞くと、そろそろ夏が来たなと思うのは自分だけでしょうか? 毎年開催時期は、決まって6月の最終週。初めてちゃんと試合を見たのは、中学3年のとき。ある1日の終わり、何気なくNHKを観ていたら、午前0時になった瞬間、テニスの試合の中継が始まり、真緑の芝生と会場が画面に現れました。ボールと観客の拍手しか聞こえない試合の緊張感に、衝撃を受けたことを覚えています。それ以来高校、大学、今も気がつけばずっとテニス三昧。「ウィンブルドン」は、自分にとって、テニスを始めるきっかけとなった大会です。



BODHI / Satoshi Mizutani



When you hear the sound of "Wimbledon," is it the only time you think summer is about to come? Every year, it's always the last week of June. The first time I saw the game properly was in the third year of middle school. At the end of one day, I casually watched NHK, and at midnight, the relay of the tennis match started, and the green grass and the venue appeared on the screen. I remember being shocked by the tension in the match, where I could only hear the ball and the applause of the audience. Since then, I've been playing tennis in high school, college, and even if I notice it. "Wimbledon" is a tournament that started me for playing tennis.

A particularly impressive match was the 2001 Sampras vs. Federer who was watching in real time. It's a famous story that Federer has always admired Sampras and has the same play style, racket, and sponsor. Federer and Sampras have only one official match in total, and it is still said to be the legend of Wimbledon. For some reason, the match at Wimbledon is more impressive than other Grand Slams. The Wimbledon is the oldest of the four major competitions and the rules have not changed for about 130 years. It is said that the strictest norms in watching sports are strict. Everything is courtesy of the players and spectators who have been considered since the beginning of the event, so that the audience can concentrate on the game to the maximum. The stance of the tournament that keeps the dignity is still special.

While writing all this, I realized that I liked "Wimbledon" itself. If the game I was watching wasn't English, I wouldn't even start playing tennis. The values ​​and ideas that are passed over the trials of the times are cultivated and shaped in a long period of time that cannot be achieved by one person. I usually try to choose "whether it has universal value", which is an important criterion for me. I started making because I thought that I wouldn't need anything else if I could wear the cashmere of <BODHI> for the same value. This year's Wimbledon was canceled for the first time since World War II. It was a big deal, but the decision to cancel "Wimbledon" was the third fastest in the whole sport. It is truly human-first cleanness that does not change the style.

BODHI / Satoshi Mizutani


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